One of Tennessee's most wanted fugitives, Cody Gass, was captured in Florida Friday morning. Last month, police say Gass left his friend, Kobe Burchfield, in a burning car after a police chase. We spoke with Kobe's father on what today means to their family.

The father, Michael Burchfield was very emotional, but he says this is the start of moving forward for everybody, including Cody's family.

Michael Burchfield received a call from his friend at 7:00 Friday morning, letting him know Cody Gass had been captured. He and his wife had been waiting to hear something for more than three weeks.

Burchfield said, "It's a relief to me. I think that she's been worried, and I think it was a relief to her because it was a relief to me."

The hunt is over, but figuring out how to move forward may be the hardest part.

"But you know we still have a long way to go with the trial, and long way to go to figure out where to go from here, you know, how to live in our new reality," Burchfield told us.

The father says it's been hard. Someone who brought so many smiles to their faces now brings tears. His family was not prepared for how hard this was going to hit.

"Started thinking to his Halloweens as a kid. So yeah, I think everything makes you think of him right now. Hopefully, it gets a little easier,” Burchfield tearfully told us.

Coping with his loss has been a challenge, but he has a lot of sympathy for the Gass family. They have lost a lot through this as well. He's trying to find it in his heart to forgive Cody.

"But I don't know where that place is or even how to get there. I think that's going to be important for me in moving forward is being able to find that,” Burchfield said.

He says the community has made the impossible, possible for him. They have been everything during this time.

Burchfield said, "When it happens, you think you aren't going to get through. The people that reached out, I think deserve a lot of the credit for me and mine making it through this so I will forever be grateful for that."

Michael says he didn't have a high view of people before this, but the community has changed that through this process. He's even received Facebook messages from people in other states letting him know they are thinking about his family.