"This community really needs it. On Friday nights you don't have anything to do but go to a football game. Everybody comes to the football games, so seeing us win really helps our community out," Copper Basin quarterback Bryson Grabowski said.

It's been the turnaround of the state. Copper Basin football was 3-18 over the last two seasons, only scoring 101 points in total in 2018. In year two under head coach Chad Grabowski, the Cougars are one win from a region title, the question is, how?

"Having time with the boys and getting to know them. Getting guys out to play football. We went from 24 at the end of the season last season to 38 this season. That's a big jump in numbers and them just buying into what we want to do here," head coach Chad Grabowski said.

And what this team's trying to do isn't just about execution and being in the right spots.

"Our coach preaches on leaving a legacy. We really want to leave a legacy here. We want to be remembered and it really wouldn't have happened if we didn't come together as a team," Copper Basin running back Chase Bailey said.

A victory Friday night would lock up a region championship, but at this point, win or lose, the rebirth of the Cougars program is complete. Copper Basin football is no longer a secret. It's now up to them to prove they're the real deal.

"We're going to keep winning games. Everybody thinks it's just a one year thing, no, we're going to keep winning games and show everyone we can do it year in and year out,” Bryson Grabowski.

"There's talent up here. There's a lot of pride up here in the Basin. We're going make sure people know that and they're going to see it on the field," Chad Grabowski said.