It was about 10 minutes 'til 6, Saturday morning, when two bad guys entered the Circle K on East Brainerd Road.

"There's customers inside," said Chattanooga Police Investigator Chris Bruce. "They hold them at gunpoint. One of the suspects who brandished a firearm ends up going into one of the clerk's pockets and taking some money away from her."

Store video shows the duo with their guns drawn. While one robbed the clerk, the other went for a store safe, but could not get it open.

"They were masked," Investigator Bruce explained. "They had a camouflage mask on. One had a gray hoodie on, the other looked like he had blue jean jacket with a gray hoodie under it."

While nothing really stands out about the way they were dressed, their language may help give them away.

"We talked to several victims," said Bruce. "The victims said that they were black males and they also referred to themselves, they kept going back-and-forth, "cuz, cuz," which is synonymous with possibly gang ties: Crips."

When officers arrived, they fled in a black Chevrolet HHR; not the kind of vehicle that would blend into traffic.

"I observed on the video he had an SS which is Super Sport and had alloy wheels on it, so it's going to stand out," Bruce added. "Not a lot of people would drive Super Sport Chevy HHR."

They outran police on Interstate 75, southbound. There is, though, one more detail about that getaway vehicle that may make them stand out.

"We do know that the car had a temporary tag on it," Investigator Bruce said.

So, if you have heard something, we want to hear from you! Maybe you are the salesperson who recognizes that vehicle. Any little piece of information could get you up to $1,000 reward. The only way anyone will know you helped is if you tell them. We will never ask for your name or who you are.

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