A Freeze Warning is in effect for our entire area until 10 a.m. EDT on Friday morning November 1st for subfreezing temperatures.

The warning is issued by the National Weather Service to alert people of the cold, and also remind you to take action.

This first blast of cold air means that now is the time to do your typical winter preparations outside of your home for plants and waterlines.

Start by doing a survey of your property.

"You always want to go through your property. Look over everything. Look over what kind of plants you have and prepare. Look at any dead limbs that you might have on any trees. You want to go ahead and get those cut off," Chance Howard, President of Howard Landscape Group, recommended.

With the Freeze Warning, no accumulating winter precipitation is expected, but the freezing temperatures mean you need to protect waterlines at your home.

"Any exposed water hose spigots, you always want to make sure that you have an insulated foam cover over those. Disconnect the water hose just to prevent any freezing from happening to the pipes," advised Howard.

Freezing pipes can cause leaks and bursts inside of your home.

Additionally, take steps now to winterize your irrigation system.

"The time to just shut everything off. Turn the timers off and go through and make sure all the pipes have as little water as possible. You do that by using a heavy-duty air compressor," Howard said of taking action now.

The air runs through all the pipes, removing as much water as possible to prevent hairline cracks.     

You can do it yourself or hire a professional.

These freezing temperatures also signal the end of the fall growing season, and fragile landscape and potted plants need your attention.

"Cover up any small or fragile plants with a drop cloth, burlap, or any sheets that you have lying around. I typically don't recommend using plastic as that can do more harm than good," stated Howard.

Finally, the time has passed to put out new grass seed, but cool-season variety grass seed placed over the last few weeks will continue to grow.

Temperatures will be below or near freezing for only a few hours tonight for most in the area -- which means there is not likely a lot damage that could come from tonight's freeze.

However, now is a good time to take these steps, especially for your outdoor water hose spigots and irrigation systems.

Any timers or sprinklers not associated with a full irrigation system should be removed as well and pulled out again next spring.