UPDATE: As of 5:45 p.m., an EPB spokesperson says about 900 customers are without power on Thursday night.

EPB crews will be working as quickly as possible to restore power.

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PREVIOUS STORY: From Varnell, Georgia to Chattanooga, people experienced power outages stemming from wind gusts and downed trees throughout Thursday. 

Allison Gregoire, spokesperson for Georgia Power says they had an outage in Varnell on Thursday morning. 

"And a large tree fell inside one of our sub-stations," said Gregoire. 

J. Ed. Marston with EPB says they were having some issues with trees as well. 

"We're seeing a lot of tree branches, whole tree falling over lines, lines being blown down," said Marston. 

Wind gusts up to 30 mph and trees were the main cause of these outages. 

"We had as many as 1,000 people out this morning but as of 10:30 we had only 43 people out," said Gregoire.

She says their crews responded quickly, and power has now been restored to all customers. 

Marston says customers were reporting outages throughout the day. 

"We're seeing a lot of incidents but they're impacting a relatively small amount of customers, it's about 3,000 customers as of noon," said Marston.

Marston says when they would repair one line, another would go down. 

"But as soon as we make one repair because the high winds continue we're seeing additional outages occur, additional damage occur," said Marston. 

When the winds pick up, all hands are on deck for repairs. 

"We have all of our line crews deploy to repair and restore the outages as quickly as possible and we're actually also seeking outside crews to aid in that effort," said Marston. 

If someone is worried about a tree near a power line, Marston says to call EPB so they can assess it.

"If the tree is located in the public right of way and they think that it might impact a power line, they can contact us, we're constantly pruning trees back to keep them away from power lines," said Marston. 

For a list of current outages click here for EPB and here for Georgia Power. Those links also provide a place to report an outage.