For some restaurants in the Tennessee Valley, education is needed by people in charge. 

In this week's Restaurant Report Card several of the establishments checked out received low scores due to the person in charge (PIC) not having food safety knowledge, or people not washing their hands. 

In Catoosa County, 2A Wings located on Battlefield Parkway received a 45 but was able to correct it to a 100. The inspector noticed the PIC did not have food safety knowledge, employees not washing hands. The PIC was unable to provide proof that the fish received for sale and service was commercially caught and harvested or approved for sale and service. Raw shrimp and chicken, in open containers, were stored above ready to eat foods such as fries and onion rings in the reach-in freezer. Food contact surfaces were not clean. Again, these violations were corrected and they scored a 100 on a follow-up. 

The O'Charley's on Battlefield Pkwy scored an 85.  The inspector noticed there was an accumulation of food debris on the top of the inside of multiple microwaves throughout the facility. And noticed the drink nozzles at both waitress stations and the bar were not being cleaned at a frequency to be clean to sight and touch. 

In Hamilton County, the Krystal on Ringgold Road scored a 77. The inspector noticed the manager on duty was unaware of employee illness policy. Condensation from the walk-in cooler unit was leaking onto the eggs. Eggs sitting out at room temperature on the cookline. Non-food surfaces in the prep room were dirty. Refuse area excessively soiled with trash scattered around the trash containers. Floors in the walk-in cooler were dirty. 

The Mexi Wing on Shallowford Road scored an 80. The inspector noticed the manager did not have food safety knowledge. Items were not marked correctly.  Boxes of food were sitting on the floor. 

In Bradley County, the Heritage Adult Day Care scored a 75.  The reason being the PIC did not know proper cook temperatures, nor was there an employee illness policy. Spray paint was stored on the food shelf. No handwashing sign was posted at the handsink in the bathroom. Not using an approved sanitizer for the utensils. No metal stem food therm that can be calibrated. Inside oven dirty and handle off microwave oven. Ceiling dirty in the kitchen.  The current permit and the current inspection were not posted.

Little Caesar's on Keith St. scored an 85.  Employees were not washing their hands between non-food duties and food prep duties, or they were not washing them correctly. An employee with long hair did not have it tied back. The inside of the prep cooler was dirty. The health department had received a complaint of hair in food and handwashing issues. 

At Zaxby's on 25th St. received an 85 on a follow-up inspection.  The PIC was unable to provide food manager certification. The PIC could answer cook temp for chicken but did not know cooling procedures. The inspector saw multiple live roaches observed in food prep and storage area, and dead roaches were observed in various locations throughout the establishment.  The foot pedals at the handwashing sinks kept falling off discouraging the use of hot water when washing hands. The drain was not accepting wastewater from the 3CS wash side quick enough causing wastewater to flow onto the floor. The walls, ceiling very dirty.


  • 77 Krystal 6300 Ringgold Road
  • 80 Mexi Wing IX 6925 Shallowford Road
  • 91 Shangri-La Restaurant 14 E. 7th Street
  • 92 Papa Johns 6210 Hixson Pike
  • 94 Brewhaus 224 Frazier Avenue
  • 96 Amigo's 5694 Brainerd Road
  • 96 Puleo's Grille 6108 Artesian Circle
  • 97 The Acropolis 2213 Hamilton Place Blvd.
  • 97 Moe's Original BBQ 221 Market Street
  • 97 Syrup & Eggs 107 Custom Street
  • 98 Taco Town 4812 Hixson Pike
  • 98 Cracker Barrel 8852 Olde Lee Highway
  • 98 Ruby Tuesday 5595 Highway 153
  • 99 Choo Choo Bar B Que 3951 B Ringgold Road
  • 99 Scottie's On The River 491 Riverfront Pkwy.
  • 99 The Juicy Crab 2020 Gunbarrel Road
  • 100 Five Guys Burgers & Fries 5110 Hixson Pike
  • 100 Maynell's Restaurant 107 W. 38th Street
  • 100 Waffle House 8912 Old Lee Highway
  • 100 G's Detroit Sausage 611 E. MLK Blvd.


  • 75 Heritage Adult Day Care 2340 Blue Springs Rd. Cleveland
  • 81 Tacos El Cunaol Mobile Unit S. Lee Hwy. Cleveland
  • 85 Little Caesar's 867 Keith St. Cleveland
  • 85 Zaxby's 1430 NW. 25th St. Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 92 Gabriel's 2625 Keith St. Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 93 Krystal 2510 Keith St. Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 95 Rico Delicake 3100 North Ocoee St Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 96 McDonald's 1350 25th St Nw Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 96 Quiznos Subs 2151 Keith St. Cleveland
  • 97 Angela's Homestyle Restaurant 1799 APD 40 Cleveland (FOLLOW UP)
  • 97 Bear Brew Coffee 90 N Ocoee St Cleveland (FOLLOW UP) 
  • 98 Arby's 2835 Keith St Cleveland
  • 99 Zaxby's 2481 Treasury Dr. Cleveland


  • 86 Paleteria Y Nevaria Monarca 907 Glenwood Av. Dalton
  • 87 DosBros Fresh Mexican Grill 100 W. Walnut Ave. Dalton
  • 88 Wendy's 2600 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Dalton
  • 90 La Fonda 410 birch St. Dalton
  • 91 Chef Lin 100 W. Walnut Ave. Dalton
  • 96 Real Food Co. 1327 Dug Gap Rd. Dalton 
  • 100 Dairy Queen Grill & Chill 2773 Cleveland Hwy Dalton


  • 85 O'Charley's 2542 Battlefield Pkwy Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 85 Dunkin'Donuts 589 Battlefield Pkwy Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 87 Tacos El Gordo 400 Directo Connection Dr. Rossville
  • 90 El Cactus 90 Battlefield Station Dr. Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 90 CiCi's 723 Battlefield Pkwy Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 95 Rusty's Nutz Tower Concession Stand 745 Scruggs Rd. Ringgold
  • 96 Long John Silvers 2837 LaFayette Rd Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 96 Rollin' in the Dough-nuts 400 Direct Connection Dr. Rossville
  • 99 McDonald's 5471 Alabama Hwy Ringgold
  • 100 2A Wings 1014 Battlefield Pkwy Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 100 Five Guys Burgers and Fries 1417 Dietz Rd. Ft. Oglethorpe
  • 100 Domino's 95 Poplar Springs Rd Ringgold
  • 100 Fruteria El Gordo 400 Direct Connection Dr. Rossville 
  • 100 Sonic 6645 Hwy 41 Ringgold


  • 97 The Little Chicken Coop 180 Crabtree St Trenton


  • No inspection reports this week


  • 96 Cafe & 1400 Patten Rd. Lookout Mountain 
  • 98 Sonic 1016 LaFayette Rd. Chickmauga