The Georgia Secretary of State's Office is updating the voter file starting next week. These updates are required by federal and state law to ensure state officials have the most up-to-date voter information.

The state is sending out letters starting next week notifying "inactive" voters that they will be taken off the roll unless they update their information. This could affect more than 300,000 people in the state.

Earlier this year, House Bill 316 passed. With the bill passing, there are a few things voters in the state of Georgia need to know.

Danielle Montgomery, director of elections and registration in Walker County, told Channel 3, "This is the first time since House Bill 316 has passed that we have to send a notice to anyone that's going to be canceled."

The new bill says if you have no contact with the elections office for five years, you are considered "inactive." No contact could mean a variety of scenarios.

"You haven't voted, you haven't signed a petition, you haven't changed your address, just no contact whatsoever, you're moved to inactive status,” Montgomery said.

Moving to "inactive" status alone does not remove you from the rolls.

"After you haven't voted for two general elections after inactive status, that's when you'll get a letter saying you could potentially be removed from the voter rolls,” said Montgomery.

In total, nine years of inactivity could cancel your registration.

The Secretary of State is sending out the notification letters, and you can update your information with the confirmation card included.

You can also do so online or at your county election office. You have 30 days before you are removed.

Montgomery also said, "If they miss the deadline, they can just re-register anytime."

Montgomery says it's very easy to register to vote in Georgia.

“Any of the public libraries, any of the city halls you can pick up voter registration applications. You can come here to our office, you can register online if you have a valid Georgia driver's license."

The Secretary of State also posted the list of names online so you can search your name to see if you are subject to cancellation.