Dalton Police are asking for the public's help finding a man who robbed two convenience stores at gunpoint last Friday.

"Obviously armed, obviously dangerous and we'd like to get him into custody," Spokesman Bruce Frazier told Channel 3.

They say just 45 minutes after the suspect held a cashier in Dalton at gunpoint, he robbed another store in Calhoun about 15 minutes away from the first location.

Though no one was hurt, authorities say getting him in custody is a matter of public safety.

"The fact that he pulled two jobs back to back within close order tells us that he may very well be planning something else."

Surveillance video captured a glimpse of the man seen wearing a black sweat suit. Frazier says the incident happened around 3:30 am.

"The suspect entered the Racetrac convenience store on Walnut Avenue, basically walks in, picks up a pack of gum and asks the cashier for a pack of cigarettes behind the counter," he explained.

When the cashier turned his back to get the cigarettes, he turned back around to find the suspect holding a gun and demanding he empty the register.

"They'd just restocked the cash register so there was about $150 worth of cash in the register, so the suspect got away with that," he said.

The amount of money taken from the convenience store in Calhoun is unknown.

Frazier tells Channel 3 right now it's unclear if the suspect is still in the area.

"He may be associated with the Atlanta area. That's what we see a lot with people traveling on the interstates to maybe commit a couple crimes somewhere else and then head back home," he said.

They're considering the incidents a matter of public safety and asking residents to keep their eyes and ears open.

If you've seen this man or have any information that could help Dalton Police you're asked to call them at 706-278-9085 EXT 9280.

Detective Charles Williams is working the case.