The Tennessee Department of Education is holding meetings to talk about schools that are struggling to meet student needs.

Parents and educators got the chance to voice their concerns and ideas on what the county's priority schools need to improve on.

A variety of topics were discussed from testing to after school programs and also bulling.

Christina Cosme says her children attend both Orchard Knob Elementary and Brainerd High School, and says the policy on bullying needs to change.

"It [the proposed policy] makes it easier, even anonymous. As long as the students names who have been bullying a child are actually given to the right people so they can handle it the right way, and the right thing is done to those students to make sure they don't do it to anyone else,” Cosme said.

Cosme says her daughter has seen several bullying incidents at her school. She believes parents and teachers need to be more involved.

"For the students to know that this was going on, I feel like somehow the teachers hands had to be tied or felt like they couldn't do more for this child,” Cosme said.

Eve Carney with the Department of Education says all problems are important.

"Education is very personal. So when you have parents and students talking about their schools and their teachers, they want to continue what seems to be working in those places,” Carney said.

"I deeply care about this work and these schools that are working really hard,” Carney said.

Carney wants parents and teachers to know the department's goal is to help all children.

"And we want to support them in every aspect and that's what we will continue to do through supports on planning, on implementation grant dollars as well as additional supports from all teams across the department,” Carney said.

Carney says Tuesday’s meeting will be in Davidson County starting at 6:00 p.m.

She says they plan to take all feedback given at these meetings and help improve priority schools.