An Oklahoma man recently found out he has been overcharged by his electric company for more than 20 years, leaving him out thousands of dollars.

"I didn't know there was anything wrong until not too long ago, my daughter started paying the electric bill," homeowner Paul Northcott said. "I paid it for 22 years and was never late, not one time."

Northcott said he was being charged a commercial rate all those years, not residential, causing him to overpay thousands of dollars.

But after two different phone calls with Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Northcott thought his money was long gone. He said they refused to reimburse him.

"Later that evening he called me back, and he kind of got smart with me. He said, 'You should have known this.' I said, 'How in the hell am I supposed to know it,'" Northcott said.

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