The gusty winds and heavy rainfall for the area had some Chattanooga tree companies on standby Saturday night. Channel 3 spoke with the owner of Roberts Tree Service on how he prepares for these events.

The owner, Jerry Roberts, says they are game-planning for Signal Mountain to be hit the hardest.

Roberts has been doing this work for 35 years. When a storm is on the way, he stays in tune with the forecast and looks at his maps to see what areas may be hit the hardest. He then prepares accordingly.

“Get my main guys notified, hey we might be out on Signal Mountain tonight so get ready,” Roberts said.

Forecasted wind speeds played an important role in his preparations for Saturday night.

"But, we're getting gusts from time to time. As the night goes through we're supposed to get heavier gusts,” said Roberts.

He says winds have reached between 30 and 40 miles per hour already, and it could get worse.

Roberts told us, "When a tree breaks, it falls fast and hard and it smashes the daylights out of the house."

Roberts says there are trees that up-root and fall over and there are also breakers.

"So we're concerned with breakers, breakers are very dangerous,” claimed Roberts.

Breakers are simply trees that break at the base. He warns homeowners with big trees that “breakers” can be prevented.

He said, "They can be assessed previously so that the person knows 'Hey I've got a tree that's really rotted down at the base and I don't want it to break and fall on my house.'"

He knows not everyone has been able to get their trees checked so his crew is ready to go to work on Saturday if needed.

"The people that haven't removed those trees already, we're ready to just go up and crane the tree off the house,” Roberts said.

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Roberts says tree inspections are free and he strongly encourages people to get a tree service to assess their property to help prevent anything from being damaged.