Cloudiness and on and off showers will continue for the rest of Saturday afternoon into the evening. Showers are more likely for areas in Chattanooga and west.

It will be windy into tonight with sustained wind at 10-20mph and gusts from 25-30mph. Even stronger gusts at 40mph will be possible in higher elevations. Specifically, a High Wind Warning is active for the mountains of SE Monroe Co in Tennessee until 5AM Sunday for gusts potentially up to 60mph.

This wind is strong enough to blow down limbs and small trees with wet soil, so power outages will be possible with this non-thunderstorm wind damage.

Tonight, a line of heavier rain will move across the area from west to east from about 7PM to 2AM EDT. The peak timing for Chattanooga will be about 8-9PM.

New rainfall amounts of 0.5-1.5" are expected. Locally heavy rainfall in downpours is possible, so be careful driving tonight for standing water on roads.

It will mainly be a rain event, but a few isolated thunderstorms are possible. NE Alabama, Chattooga Co, and far SW portions of Dade and Walker Co in Georgia are all under a low Marginal Risk for severe weather. The risk is mainly due to severe level wind gusts (5% chance), but an isolated spin-up tornado (2% chance) cannot be completely ruled out. 

Rain will be done before sunrise on Sunday, and then clouds will clear up throughout the day.