How much is your personal information worth? If your Facebook username and login was hacked, the credentials you used may be for sale on the dark web. Your Netflix login information is worth around $10 on the internet's black market.

Stolen credentials are for sale in dark web marketplaces. The same places where people sell heroin, cocaine, weapons, and child porn also sells government issued IDs that have been stolen.

Are you curious as to what that type of information would go for on the dark web? Here's what I found browsing just two marketplaces online.

A forged U.S. Passport is $775 and you can add a matching driver’s license for another $100. A stolen valid passport is listed for $750 and stolen valid driver's licenses are listed for $350-$450. Someone's stolen debit card with pin is $10. Bad guys are also selling stolen corporate credit cards. I saw one with a $20,000 credit limit for $250. If you've ever had someone hack your Facebook profile, they might have sold it on the dark web for $13.

I also found stolen Paypal logins, Amazon gift cards, account information for store and bank credit cards. One page on the dark web shows stolen account information for over 100 Minecraft users.

Here's the thing about stolen account information: if someone had their Netflix account hacked for example, if they used the same username and password for Netflix that they use for other online accounts, those bad guys can put all of that information for sale on the dark web.

Lock down your accounts to protect your information, especially as we get closer to the holidays and you begin shopping more online.