Hamilton County celebrated its 200th birthday this week. But in 1819, it was a very different place.

“Everything south of the river, so where we are now, was Cherokee land,” county historian Linda Moss Mines said.

In 200 years, the county has come a long way. But Mines says history always echoes.

"We don't look like we did then, but we still have that same sense of perseverance,” she said.

As the county celebrates its bicentennial, Mines is reflecting on the people and places that made our history.

"You walk the ground and you can't help but imagine who's walked there before you,” she said. “200 years from now, I think we'll still be walking in those footsteps."

For Mayor Jim Coppinger, the county's 200th birthday is a time to celebrate our citizens, and the Hamilton County we're leaving behind.

"I think Hamilton County's legacy is, and will remain to be, one that works with people, works together,” Coppinger said. "As we always say we've got room to grow."

This week, with one foot in the past, and one stepping forward, Hamilton County turns 200.

"It's just critical that people have some sense of what we were founded on,” Mines said.