Is there anything Dolly Parton can't do? The short answer is no.

The queen of country music can now be added to your EDM playlist. She and the Swedish electronic dance duo Galantis dropped a new song at 5 a.m. Friday called "Faith". It features Mr. Probz.


If you're unfamiliar with EDM -- it stands for electronic dance music and everything about this song will make you want to stand up, throw your arms up in the air and dance.

The song's theme is about having a little faith. The video takes place on what appears to be a city bus in the middle of a grassy field. It showcases a diverse group of young people dancing in the bus, outside it and at about 1:40 in, the door to the bus opens with Dolly Parton herself belting out the best she can.

Now, it wouldn't be a Dolly Parton music video without a gorgeous rhinestone outfit. She's wearing a somewhat conductor-like hat (you know, like ones bus drivers wear in movies).

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