UPDATE:  Around 4:00 am Friday morning the Davis Volunteer Fire Department in Dade County got a call for a house fire. 

"So we were a volunteer fire department, so we were at home when we got the call, but other than that we got here as quick as we could," said Capt. T.J. Stone. 

When they arrived no one was sure if the 78-year-old woman who lived there was inside or out of the house. 

Neighbor Crystal Campbell woke up to the fire. 

"I immediately called her daughter and my mom to call 911 and I was out here searching for the lady to see if she was inside or outside," said Campbell. 

She says while they were looking for her, it was a sickening feeling not knowing where she was.

"The landlord said he found her laying on the ground but she was OK," said Gary Mathews. 

The woman managed to escape the house, and was on her way up the street when she fell, but her son-in-law Gary Mathews says she's OK. But this fire brings up some painful memories for all of them. 

"She lost her son in a house fire about 20 years ago, thank God she's OK," said Mathews. 

They lost memories too. 

"She had a few pictures that couldn't be replaced hanging in there and I know she's going to be tore up about it," said Mathews. "But thank God she got out."

Now they have to pick up the pieces.

"Yeah, find another place to live and start life over again, that's all you can do," said Mathews. 

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A 78-year old woman escaped her home in Dade County after it caught fire early Friday morning.

Her son-in-law said she started to walk up the road to get help but fell. Neighbors found her and called 911. 

The Davis Volunteer Fire Department got the call around 4:00 a.m. to the home on Smokey Clark Road. Firefighters told Channel 3 that when they arrived, the fire was fully involved. 

It took them about 15 minutes to put out the fire. The home is a total loss.

Shortly after fire crews left, neighbors called the Davis Volunteer Fire Department again. They were concerned that some small remaining fires were spreading to the back porch.

Davis Fire Captain T.J. Stone tells Channel 3 they left some of the foundation burning because they didn't have the resources to put it out. The department did put out the small fire that started to spread. Stone said the foundation fire would have to burn itself out but isn't a danger to surrounding homes. 

The cause of the fire is unknown.