Don't call it a comeback, the ‘Canes have been here for years. They just haven't been winning lately, until now. After going 7-14 over the last two seasons, East Hamilton is off to a 6-2 start, 4-0 in region play.

"New coaches here coming out, We want to prove that we can be the start of something special," East Hamilton defensive lineman Nathan Lee said.

Who says football can't be romantic? I suppose it isn't real until you get a ring, and the Hurricanes are one win from a region championship. The thing is, their opponents in the Anderson County Mavericks, they haven't lost a region game in three years.

"We're ready, we're ready to play. We've been waiting on this game all year, we're ready," East Hamilton running back Johnavan Moore said.

Well good thing they're ready to roll because whether they liked it or not, they're playing a day early due to incoming weather on Friday. Though it may have thrown off their weekly yoga session, it hasn't deterred their focus.

"Our guys are pretty resilient, nothing really bothers them. So, we told them that and they were like, okay," East Hamilton head coach Grant Reynolds said.

"It doesn't change anything. We'll still go out and ball like we always do," Lee said.

And they've been balling big time, the ‘Canes offense has scored 43.6 points per game and they'll need every bit of it to unseat the Mavs as kings of the region. East Hamilton’s turnaround has been the talk of the area, now it's their turn to extend the hurricane warning, statewide.

"With senior night, and them getting us in this position is good, it's a starting point for this program. To be able to play in a big game like this late in the season. We're going to go in there and do our best," Reynolds said.