Gone are the days of lost dog signs and calling up shelters. Taylor Hixson with the Humane Educational Society says HES is now using facial recognition technology from the website “Finding Rover” to help lost pets find their families.

"First go to findingrover.com, search Chattanooga, and you'll see all the animals that are coming through,” she said.

Every animal that comes through HES is photographed and uploaded into the system. Pet owners can upload their own photos too, and get notified if their pet is found.

HES hopes it will help them make more photo-worthy moments.

"It's so great to see them get reunited. The dogs are excited, the cats sometimes are excited,” Hixson said. “It's really wonderful to be able to reunite pets with their families."

Hixson is encouraging people to register their pets now before they ever go missing. That way HES can help, if they ever do.