The family pastor of the 9-year-old Orchard Knob student who took his own life Tuesday night is speaking out.

The child's family has named Bishop Kevin Adams as their spokesperson.

Adams says the family hopes by sharing this story, they can help other children.

“They want to stop this from happening to someone else's children. I think that is a honorable,” Adams said.

Adams is still in shock after everything that happened.

"It's a tragic situation to know that our kids are dealing with such pressure and dealing with such issues of depression and thoughts of suicide at such an early age,” Adams said.

Adams says the Orchard Knob student was bullied at school. He says the boy's family doesn't blame the school system, but believes more can be done to help kids going through difficult times.

"The more we are educated about something like this, the more we can educate our kids against the dangers of bullying and those who have been bullied,” Adams said.

"We need more counselors and programs in school that address and identify such issues so this doesn't become a repetitive cycle,” Adams said.

Hamilton County School Board member Tiffany Robinson addressed the county commission to make that emotional plea on Wednesday morning.

The topic of school counselors has been one of recent debate during school funding conversations between commissioners and the school board.

"Immediately I thought about the mother, the parents, I thought of anyone associated with this child, but more importantly I thought of how did we get to this point, where a 4th grades feel like they have to take their own life?” Robinson said.

Adams hopes the conversation continues.

"Because this is not going away. This is going on all around the nation, even all around the world. And I think that we do not need to react, but we have to start being on the front end of this thing and prevent it,” Adams said.

The family is in the process of making funeral arrangements and is not yet ready to publicly identify their child.