The store employees and the customers all did what they should have in this case. They complied with the demands the bad guys gave them. Now, thanks to good cameras and the way information travels, you could get yourself a reward of up to $1,000.

Mid-day, mid-week, back in late March, two suspects struck fear into the hearts of a number of people at the Dollar General Store on Lee Highway.

"They robbed multiple customers and also the store," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. "The two suspect entered the business through the back door that was open. There was one of the employees that was taking some trash out and the suspects took advantage of that."

Store surveillance clearly shows the frightening scene.

"They took those two employees and also a vendor at gunpoint," described Miller. "They robbed them, took their cell phones and wallets, they then took the vendor and employees and put them into a cooler."

Then, the two leveled their handguns at customers and clerks at the front of the store.

"As they were leaving, they got the money, put it into a bag," Miller continued, "and then on exit, they grabbed a box of cigarillos and took that with them, as well."

What they were wearing may not give them away, this time.

"You may look at their shoes or the shirts that they're wearing. It would be, maybe, something that stands out to you. To me, it looks very basic and generic, but it may be something that stands out to you," said Sgt. Miller. "They're both very well disguised, but what we know is, suspects like to talk about their crimes."

The vehicle it's believed they used was a sedan, possibly a Nissan Maxima or Altima. Investigators retrieved an image from a security camera, nearby.

If you have heard anything over the last six months, we would like to offer you a Crime Stoppers payday.

"You call in, we never ask for your name," Miller said. "We'll give you an ID number when you call in and you'll have it through the entire process, up to the time you get your cash reward."

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