The first hearing has been pushed back on a petition filed in Hamilton County Chancery Court that described Coyote Jack’s nightclub as a “public nuisance.” 

According to Assistant City Attorney Keith Reisman, the hearing was moved due to scheduling conflicts. 

"There are four groups of attorneys involved in this action, two of the attorneys could not make it today, one of the attorneys Ronnie Berke had another hearing he had to attend, the other attorney, Russell King represents the Bankable Holdings LLC and Miss Taylor is out of town," Reisman said. 

The attorneys involved in the case entered into an agreement order to keep the business closed until the hearing, Reisman said. 

The first hearing has been moved to December 19.

It comes after the city of Chattanooga filed a petition to have the judge declare the club a “public nuisance” following a deadly shooting outside the club on October 6.