UPDATE: Authorities arrived at the Anchor Inn in Marion County on Monday evening. There they found an SUV submerged in the Tennessee River. When they pulled it out they found 29-year-old Edward Garcia inside.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office and the TBI are investigating. 

"We really don't know what happened at this point," said Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett. 

Sheriff Burnett says they're looking at all possibilities.

"You have to look at these as an active investigation and possible homicide and follow all procedures," said Burnett. 

It wasn't just Edward Garcia in the SUV. His four-year-old daughter was with him, according to Sheriff Burnett. 

She was rescued by bystanders before the SUV was submerged in the river. Sheriff Burnett says two men and a woman rescued the child, but the two men left the scene before authorities could speak with them. 

Garcia didn't make it out of the vehicle. 

"I'm estimating probably been in the water 45 maybe 50 minutes by the time we got him to the shore," said Sheriff Burnett. 

Kris Green says he's known Garcia for 10 years. He doesn't know how something like this could have happened. 

"Honestly I still don't believe it. I really don't because it's hard to just picture this place without Eddie," said Green. 

Green sent Channel 3 some pictures of Garcia. He says his personality was magnetic and infectious. He's devastated his friend is gone. 

"Regardless, wherever Eddie is at, I just hope he knows I love him and this ain't going to be the same place without him. He'll be missed by many and loved by plenty," said Green. 

Garcia's body was sent to Nashville for an autopsy. Sheriff Burnett says we'll know more after the results come in. 

Sheriff Burnett is asking for any witnesses to please call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 423-942-2525 with information. 

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents are investigating the death of a man pulled from a car in the Tennessee River Monday afternoon.

Edward Charles Garcia, 29, was found in the SUV retrieved from the river near the Anchor Inn on Highway 41.

A 4-year-old girl was safely rescued from the river.

PREVIOUS STORY: A body was recovered from a gray Lincoln SUV in the Tennessee River on Monday afternoon in Marion County. 

Sheriff Bo Burnett says witnesses at the scene rescued a 4-year-old girl from that same SUV.

Tiffany Kerr is the manager at Anchor Inn in Haletown and she called 911 when she saw the SUV.

She says she will never forget what happened.

"It was really scary. I just called 911. And I told them. I said, 'hey, there is a car here underwater’ and they asked me if anyone was in it and I said yes. The 4-year-old little girl got out,” Kerr said.

Kerr says authorities responded quickly to the scene.

Sheriff Burnett says two men rescued the 4-year-old before the SUV went under water. The child is expected to be okay.

"She did ask for french fries and a Sprite. So we did fix her french fries and got her a Sprite,” Kerr said.

Authorities say the SUV went about 20 feet under water.

Divers with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the TBI assisted with the recovery.

Sheriff Burnett says how the vehicle ended up in the water remains a mystery and this is still an active investigation.

"As of right now we don't see anything that really jumps up at us. But we are still going through the same procedure if it was a homicide. We will know more when the autopsy comes back,” Sheriff Burnett said.

Kerr hopes everyone can move forward from something so tragic.

Sheriff Burnett says the body of the man was taken to Nashville for an autopsy and identification.

He hopes the autopsy can give them the answers and a family some closure.

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ORIGINAL STORY: The Marion County Sheriff's Office says a child is okay after being found in an SUV that was in the Tennessee River with a body inside on Monday.

The discovery and rescue was made near the Anchor Inn in Haletown.

Detective Gene Hargis confirms that a body was found inside a Lincoln SUV that was in the Tennessee River.

Sheriff Bo Burnett tells Channel 3, a 4-year-old girl was rescued from that SUV and taken to Erlanger.

Sheriff Burnett says the child is expected to be okay.

The SUV and body have been pulled out of the river.

Officials say the body is being sent to Nashville for an autopsy and identification.

The TBI is helping with the investigation.

Channel 3 has a crew working to learn more.

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