Pre-college testing is facing major changes in 2020. The ACT announced new formatting that could help students bring up their scores.

When Bella Bruce, owner of River City Workshops, started tutoring for the ACT, students couldn't even use calculators. Still, she says changes next year will have a bigger impact than any before.

"There's a lot of students that I have that have a perfect or near perfect score in two sections, but they have to go in and retake the entire test,” she said.

Now, students have the option to retake individual sections of the exam. Blake Freeman, Hamilton County School’s executive director of post-secondary success, says that's a game changer.

"What ACT will say is that having the opportunity to retake the test, on average, can improve a composite score by 3 points,” Freeman said.

The new system could help students improve their super score. That's the score created by taking the best attempt at each section. Freeman says students who retake sections to bring that number up need to be wary.

"The college and universities that they're applying for, they need to make sure that that university accepts the super score in their admissions,” Freeman said.

For this year's juniors, it's a promising solution to test stress.

"They were so happy, they were relieved, just like 'I wish I could just go in and take the math,’” Bruce said of one of her prep classes.

The shift starts in September of 2020, but students who want to retake certain sections on that date will have to take the test at least once before then.