On October 25, Hamilton County will celebrate its 200th birthday with a series of events. As a part of the celebration, Hamilton County Government created a birthday Bingo card on their Facebook page, encouraging families to explore our community through visits to local historic sites.

Here are the instructions from Hamilton County Government’s Facebook page:


  1. Think BINGO rules. You may ‘Hamilton County BINGO’ in a straight vertical line of five squares or straight horizontal line of five squares. You may also BINGO using a diagonal line of five squares.
  2. For each site visited, take a photo with the historical site. You may download your BINGO photos onto one page.
  3. On that page, submit your name, an email address and phone number. A parent’s email/phone number would be appropriate for elementary and middle school students.
  4. Submit your entry to the Hamilton County Historian at localhistorycounts@gmail.com
  5. Your name will be entered into a drawing for ‘birthday’ gifts. Mayor Jim Coppinger will draw the winning entries on Friday, October 25, 2019, the actual 200th Birthday of Hamilton County.
  6. If you choose to play a ‘Cover the Card’ game by visiting every site and submit the required photos, your name will be entered ten [10] times into the drawing.