The community continues to support those affected by the fire at the Hamilton Pointe Apartments on October 12.

A local business felt the need to help out and is giving the victims and their families free meals for four weeks. 

The owner of Fit+ Meals, Andy Peters, says he just wants to help out the people affected and give back whenever he can.

He posted the announcement on his Facebook page last week and got quite the response to his kindness.

When tragedy strikes, the community steps up.

Fit+ Meals is committed to helping the victims get back on their feet.

"It's like to be in that type of situation, the last thing you want to have to worry about it where am I going to get my next meal,” Peters said.

Andy Peters took it upon himself to make sure they do not have to worry about food for a while. He did not know about the fire until days after it happened when his friend gave him a call. When he hung up, he was on a mission.

"So I just looked over at my wife and said we're going to feed these people for at least a month," Peters said.

He says the community has supported his local business for years now so it was no question that he wanted to give back.

Fit+ flooded back in March 2018 and Peters had to rebuild everything from the ground up.

Peters told us, "It was one of those things where if it wouldn't have been for the community's involvement as far as our customers coming in and supporting us, we wouldn't have been able to rebuild."

People have commented on Peter's Facebook post and reached out to him asking how they can help out.

"We had one gentleman and he just came up to us and was like 'Hey, here's a donation from me to where you can give them even more meals if needed.' We've had several people within the community just come and make a donation to us,” Peters said.

This allows them to take it even further now. Right now, they are allotted 120 free meals a day.

If that many meals aren't needed each day, they will be able to extend the free meals for more than a month.

Fit+ keeps reserve funds set aside to help in local tragedies and fundraisers.

"You know it's one of those things where you just ‘do good,” Peters said.