Hundreds of people came out bright and early Sunday morning to run in the 7 Bridges Marathon through Downtown Chattanooga. 

"So I'm running in the 7 Bridges Marathon and I'm really excited about it," Runner Rob Vickery told Channel 3.

Runners competing in the race had one goal--overcoming the obstacles ahead and crossing that finish line in record time. 

"My goal is 3 hours and 45 minutes, so that'll be a personal best for me," Vickory said. "It was a great race, very hilly and challenging," another runner David Brannon told Channel 3.

The marathon included five races. "We normally run the half marathon but this year we chose the 5K," Brannon said.

It also featured a live DJ, t-shirts, medals, food, participants from all over and of course an audience cheering runners on in support.

"I think the community support is great. It's good for the community," Brannon said.

Vickery who traveled all the way from Jackson, Mississippi told Channel 3 it's a challenge he looks forward to because of what he gets out of it when the race is all said and done. 

"Every marathon I run, I learn something about myself, so just finishing just makes me happy," he explained.

Though there are only a few who finish first in each category, many say finishing at all is just as much of an accomplishment. 

So far, the results for the races have not been posted, per the organizer's website.