Authorities in Polk County are continuing their search for a driver who threw an object from the car's window and hit a charter bus.

Sheriff Steve Ross tells Channel 3 it's one of the multiple reports they've received about similar incidents in the area.

Passengers inside the bus could be heard screaming as dash camera video captured the moments the driver tossed the object out of his window hitting the windshield.

"It's extremely dangerous. On Highway 411, both vehicles are probably going 55 miles per hour in opposite directions. It's not just like throwing something at a car windshield. It's throwing it twice the speed that you're going," Ross said.

Authorities with the Polk County Sheriff's Office are using the short clip and screen grabs of the truck to track down the driver they believe is responsible.

"We are able to say we are looking for a green, probably mid 90's to early 2000's Ford Ranger," Ross said describing the vehicle.

The incident happened on October 10th when authorities say members of Eastanlee Baptist Church in McMinn County were traveling north and the pick-up truck was heading south.

We spoke with Ross on the phone. He told Channel 3 that thankfully, the bus driver was able to maintain control of the bus and no one inside was injured but that isn't always the case.

"If it goes through the windshield then it's going to cause traumatic injury and by getting the windshield busted just all of the sudden, you've scared them to death, now they can't see out of the window. You're just as apt to cause a wreck if not," he said.

With several tips coming in, Ross says they hope to find the person behind the wheel very soon and believe it could be connected to other cases.

Ross says the charge associated with throwing an item at a car is Aggravated Assault.

If you have any information that may help the Polk County Sheriff's Office, you're asked to call 423-338 4540.