A fourth lawsuit has been filed against Hamilton County Deputy Daniel Wilkey, claiming that he “groped" female minors and conducted a strip search on a male minor during a traffic stop.

The lawsuit claims Wilkey pulled over a car with six minors inside with a suspicion of a drug violation. Wilkey allegedly ordered them to leave their cell phones in the car and stand outside in the rain.

Wilkey is said to have made comments to the minors about religion, saying he was, “praying for them.” He allegedly ordered the male minor to strip off his clothes, including his boxers, but refused to do so in front of the females.

Wilkey then moved on to the females and allegedly conducted a “slow search."

The lawsuit claims there was no lawful grounds for the minors to be detained or searched. The family of one of the minors is asking for $10,000,000 in punitive damages and $1,000,000 in compensatory damages.

The suit also claims Hamilton County Deputy Jacob Goforth stood by and witnessed the incident, without intervention.

Wilkey has been previously accused of pressuring a drug suspect to get baptized instead of going to jail in February and assaulting a drug suspect during a traffic stop in July. In addition, Wilkey is facing a federal lawsuit from April, in which a man claims he was assaulted and arrested illegally.

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