Hamilton County School Board members will vote on policies surrounding the district's 'code of behavior and discipline' along with several others Thursday.

"So basically it just says Dr. Johnson has the authority to establish a code of acceptable behavior," District 8 Rep Tucker McClendon said.

This comes just a day after two students at two separate high schools brought weapons to school.

"Those will be zero tolerance offenses which will mean that those two young people won't be able to come back to the public school system for at least one year," District 3 Rep Joe Smith told Channel 3.

Board members say they'll discuss the incidents, but the vote will be strictly focused on the procedural aspect of implementing the policy.

"We'll be reviewing a number of policies," Smith said.

Items on the agenda up for a vote include policies surrounding the district's code of behavior and discipline.

McClendon says tonight's vote shouldn't be confused with the vote on the actual code itself that passed earlier this summer and already includes the zero tolerance policy on bringing a weapon to school.

"We voted on the code of acceptable behavior tonight. We're not voting on the actual document itself tonight. Big difference," he explained.

Both he and Smith say the 38-page document is still very new and subject to changes.

"There's gonna be some bumps in the road as we implement, with consistency, that new code across the district," Smith said.

Their main goal for tonight is voting on the procedures for the code put in place by Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson and a group of administrators.

District spokesman Tim Hensley tells us a part of the administrative policy vote will include making sure that parents and students are required to acknowledge they've read and understand the new code.