A program at CHI Memorial is meeting the needs of women who are at an increased risk of breast cancer.

The High Risk Breast Clinic at MaryEllen Locher Breast Center provides breast cancer screening, chemo-prevention and genetic risk evaluation for high-risk patients.

"If a patient needs a biopsy done, we can have it done sometime that day, if not the next day," said Casey Waddle, a nurse practitioner at CHI Memorial. "{We} go from biopsy to diagnosis education to surgery. It is comprehensive here."

Three years ago, Linda Stafford was diagnosed with Atypical Ductile Hyperplasia, which put her in the high-risk category.

"I was told about the high-risk program, and I said, 'yes, I want to be a part of it,'" Stafford said.

She added that constant care in the 5-year program helped her relax.

"Every six months I'm in here for either an MRI or a mammogram," Stafford said. "I have great peace of mind. I'm hardly thinking about it, until it comes up on the calendar."

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, and according to CHI Memorial, one in eight women will develop the disease in her lifetime.

The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool, or BRISK, at CHI Memorial is a starting point for women with a family history to begin the risk assessment process. 

CHI Memorial says after an evaluation by a breast specialist, they will determine the appropriate screenings and provide education about breast health.

To schedule an appointment with a medical professional, call (423)-698-0304.