A couple in our community shares their story about surviving Hurricane Dorian in a truck.

Minnie and Herbert Key evacuated the Bahamas and have been staying with their children in Pikeville for the past four weeks.

The couple shared with Channel 3 the moments the storm hit their house and it truly is a miracle they are alive.

While they lost everything, they are thankful to be alive.

"We tried to prepare for this hurricane like we've done many other times, but the first hour or so we realized this was different," Minnie told Channel 3.

Minnie walked into the living room and heard a strange hissing sound. She grabbed her husband because she knew something bad was about to happen.

"We turned around to run then the whole roof, it was like a big bomb and everything started sucking into the sky," recalled Minnie.

They tried to escape the hurricane in their truck.

"We held onto one another and we just crawled out the door," said Minnie.

They spent the next three days fighting the hurricane in their truck.

On the fourth day, they evacuated to the capital and were finally able to contact their loved ones.

The couple described it as a bad dream, thinking they will wake up and it would not be real.

"It's like a numb feeling,” Minnie said. “You know, you work for 50 years and you try to build a business and build a home and then overnight it's just gone."

They lost everything in the storm. The only thing they grabbed was Minnie’s purse and medications.

"Every day you realize more and more you're left with nothing," said Minnie.

While they escaped the storm, they haven't escaped its reality.

"I haven't slept since then,” Minnie said. “It's just every time you close your eyes, you just hear that, you know, that hissing noise."

Now, the couple is trying to figure out what is next.

"We just need assistance,” Minnie said. “We don't know what to do next."

If you would like to help Minnie and Herbert Key, click here to make a donation through a GoFundMe page that was set up for the couple.