Tennessee Valley Authority says their cybersecurity standards are back up to par after they failed an audit in May. 

TVA officials say the 20 websites and 115 internet domains that failed to comply with the Department of Homeland Security standards have been corrected. 

This is the first time video cameras have been allowed inside the headquarters since it opened back in 2017. 

Employees in the TVA cybersecurity center are constantly monitoring those trying to hack their system. 

"Attempts to attack the system happen all of the time," director of cybersecurity, Andrea Brackett, told Channel 3. 

TVA officials say cybersecurity is a top priority for the company. 

"Cybersecurity is a vital aspect of how we provide low cost, dependable, and clean energy to the valley," Brackett said. 

The facility is manned 24/7 with four separate teams working to stop hackers. 

"We're monitoring all these devices across a 7 state region to determine if there's anything suspicious or anomalous going on," said Chad Tyler, manager of cybersecurity for TVA. 

There are nearly 100 people on the TVA cybersecurity team and millions of dollars are devoted to the unit. The TVA says they're prepared for anything in this room.

"These guys are that last line of defense for TVA to make sure that we're able to defend TVA from a cyber attack-- to keep the lights on and the energy flowing," Tyler told Channel 3. 

They aren't just watching their platforms, they are monitoring other parts of the world where cyber attacks are happening. They then simulate these attacks within their own company so it doesn't happen to them.

"With all the geopolitical concerns that are happening in the world right now, cybersecurity is becoming an even bigger deal," said Tyler.