UPDATE: Channel 3 spoke with a woman who was at the scene of a deadly crash in Murray County.

It happened on Old Dalton Ellijay Road near Oakwood Circle on Tuesday night.

Katy Cochran, the woman on scene, says she was on her way home when she pulled up behind two trucks that had just crashed. She got out of her car and walked over to help.

"When I pulled up on scene there was a white truck and a dodge truck on that side,” Cochran told us.

She spotted the 2-year-old girl when she got out of her car on Old Dalton Ellijay Road. A neighbor who called 911 was trying to give CPR.

"You could see that it was bad. You couldn't do nothing, you couldn't help her,” said Cochran with tears in her eyes.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the child was hit and killed when she walked into the road with another two-year-old. A pickup truck tried to avoid hitting her and crashed into another truck.

Emergency crews arrived soon after and Cochran said the area was shut down.

Cochran believes this area is very dangerous. People ignore the speed limit and fly down this road.

"People need to slow down. I was scared to even drive yesterday. This is the first time I've been down here and I won't drive this stretch of road for a while. I can't,” Cochran confessed.

Riley Harris is the two-year-old who lost her life.

No charges have been filed as of now and the accident is under investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Georgia State Patrol says a toddler was hit and killed by a pickup in Murray County on Tuesday.

It happened just after 7:00 p.m. on Old Dalton Ellijay Road.

The GSP says a Nissan pickup truck was traveling north at the same time a Dodge pickup truck was going south.

The GSP says two toddlers were in the street when the driver of the Nissan truck swerved to try and miss the children.

The GSP says the driver ended up hitting 2-year-old Riley Harris and the Dodge truck head-on.

The toddler was pronounced dead at the scene.

Four people were taken to a hospital.

The GSP says no charges are expected to be filed.

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