Resident complaints are pushing Ringgold city council members to find a way to make one street safer by changing it into a one-way.

City Manager Dan Wright says the state’s Tourism Product Development Team conducted a report consisting of ways to improve tourism. In Ringgold, that meant making the historic and city-owned, Old Ringgold Cemetery,” look more appealing. Wright says, as a result, entrance gates, fencing and sidewalks were added to help with accessibility to the grounds in late August.

Now, he says residents and drivers are concerned about the fencing causing limited visibility on Church Street.

Tammy Osborne, who lives along the road, says understands why it could be dangerous.

“When you pull up it's really hard to see out. You have to inch up a little more and try to see if any traffic is coming and I can see how that would be dangerous,” she said.

Osborne says the street is also narrow and sometimes slows traffic.

“I'll actually see them pull up, try to pull over and pull off the road and then I'll go around them and they'll keep going.”

During Monday’s city council meeting (Oct. 14), Mayor Pro Tem Terry Crawford suggested turning Church Street into a one-way street.

“Our stop line is in compliance with where it needs to be,” Crawford said. “But that is a very short street and I make the suggestion that we make it one-way.”

Crawford also suggested hosting a series of meetings to inform people and give the public an opportunity to voice concerns or offer suggestions. The board agreed and voted to move forward with the meetings. The one-way change will now go through three readings before it is officially adopted.

The first public meeting will be on October 28th.