The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is currently looking to hire nine school resource officers.

After a conversation with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson is proposing to offer a $2,000 signing bonus for new school resource officers. 

Money isn't the issue as the Hamilton County Schools' budget includes $500,000 allocated to school security, but there are nine vacancies that haven't yet been filled. 

"Those resources still exist so they're not spent and they're appropriated toward something else or most of the time put back toward our fund balance to have for future years," said Dr. Johnson. 

Dr. Johnson and the Sheriff's Office are hoping to fill those vacancies soon, but they have to find the right people. 

"So we thought it wise this year, in particular after having conversations with the sheriff's department to see if the additional signing bonus could entice some of our officers to come be a part of supporting our schools," said Dr. Johnson. 

Chief Deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office sent Channel 3 this statement: 

“The HCSO is currently hiring for (9) SRO positions to serve in our local schools. We are working diligently in our community to recruit viable, successful candidates to fill these important positions. If someone is interested and is a certified P.O.S.T. officer in good standing, they are welcome to apply online here.  We encourage anyone who meets these qualifications to apply and join our team.” 

The signing bonus still has to be voted on by the school board.

"It's actually going to come up as an amended item, we don't traditionally have amended items, but it's something I brought up Monday to the school board," said Dr. Johnson. 

The superintendent hopes that qualified people will soon come forward so that all students can feel safe and secure. 

"They are such valued employees and team members and become a part of the fabric of the school," said Dr. Johnson.