The Walker County School district tested an innovative new security system Tuesday. Superintendent Damon Raines says the district is the first in the state of Georgia to fully integrate their security system with local 911 services.

"They're doing all the steps, they're making all the protocols in place. They just need a way to do it faster and without anybody having to think about it,” Pat Henley of South Western Communications said of the county’s previous system.

Superintendent Raines says the new system notifies dispatch immediately when schools need help.

"As we saw in this scenario today, immediately when we went into a lockdown drill here at this particular building 911 was notified,” he said. “So the time for response is going to be drastically cut."

Walker County used about $300,000 from the state to merge their existing security with local E911 services. Henley says the county enlisted South Western’s help.

"All the schools already have safety in place. They're already doing wonderful things. Our goal is to help them shave seconds off response times in a crisis,” she said.

The county also added new security cameras and established one point of entry for every school. All to make sure students and teachers can do their jobs.

"We're in the business of learning,” Raines said. “So anything we can do to make sure when they walk through the door the security aspect is out of question."

Raines says the new system has already been integrated into all of the schools in the county. Tuesday’s test was a trial run to see how it worked.