UPDATE: A former conductor for Norfolk Southern Railway Company is suing.

Ronnie Sparks claims his job caused his cancer.

Attorney Joseph Cappelli, whose firm represents Sparks, says conductors are exposed to dangerous chemicals every single day while on the job and railroad companies don't do enough to protect their employees.

"These are things that are quite frankly, for years and years haven't been dealt on the railroad. And once again, it's the railroads obligation to identify these hazards, warn their people about them and take steps to prevent them,” Cappelli said.

The lawsuit claims Norfolk Southern violated numerous safety regulations under the Federal Liability Act and never complied with OSHA government regulations.

This is something Cappelli says happens too often.

"We don't see a lot of activity done by the railroads to protect their employee's,” Cappelli said.

Cappelli believes safety regulations aren't the only problem. He says conductors don't know what they are exposed to regularly, and companies need to educate their workers.

"That's why information is important to come from management to the employee side. It's not really the employee’s obligation to figure this out. And if there is something that they are afraid of and if they have questions about it, they should raise it to their super visors and seek medical attention,” Cappelli said.

Sparks worked for the company from 1979 to 2012. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma 3 years ago and claims he lost his pension benefits because of his diagnosis.

Sparks is now seeking $1,000,000 from the company for damages.

"If there is economic loss, such as medical bills related to this and we prove that the railroad is negligent, that would be a damage the jury has a right to reward,” Cappelli said.

Channel 3 is still waiting for a response from Norfolk Southern.

Cappelli hopes this case will be in front of a judge soon.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A man who worked as an employee of Norfolk Southern Railway is suing the company saying the job caused his cancer.

According to the lawsuit, Ronnie Sparks claims he worked for the company from 1979 through 2012.

The lawsuit says that during that time he was exposed to various toxic substances like diesel exhaust and asbestos.

Sparks claims the toxins contributed to his development of lymphoma.

Sparks is asking for $1-million.

The following is the full lawsuit filed in Hamilton County Circuit Court on October 11:

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