An update on a massive racketeering case from 2018 came down from the Hamilton County criminal court. Fifty-five gang members were indicted last year under the state's RICO act.

The defendants in the RICO case face a variety of different charges, from attempting to distribute drugs to first-degree murder. The court Monday tried to separate some of those charges from the overall racketeering case.

Judge Tom Greenholtz consolidated some cases and divided others. Courtney High, for example, is charged in the 2016 killing of Bianca Horton. High's attorney was not in court, so his scheduling was reset for Thursday.

Judge Greenholtz then turned to the felony and misdemeanor cases for several defendants. Those now have status updates set for January 13th.

Afterward, he focused on scheduling for the more extreme cases such as murder. He decided those needed some extra time and set a status date for February 10th.

Monday’s hearing was essentially a calendar check. Now, several of the defendants in the case will start appearing for other charges at the beginning of 2020.