Located on Monteagle Mountain, halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga, Bigfoot Adventure and Baggenstoss Farm offer a plethora of outdoor activity. Whether you want to soar through the air on a zip line, play a round of frisbee golf, camp with the family or enjoy a beautiful nature hike, Bigfoot can make it happen.

"We've got eight (of these) zip lines that take an hour and 45 minutes from the start time to the finish time,” boasted owner, Andy Baggenstoss.

One of the most celebrated portions of the property is the wedding venue at Baggenstoss Farm.

"Our venue here is out on top of the mountain, out on a point, i.e., and it overlooks Payne's Cove,” explained Baggenstoss. “We have farm house for the bridesmaids and obviously for the bride and for her family to get ready. And on the top of the hill across field we have a cabin for all the boys. We've got quail and pheasant hunting just outside of the property as well as three ponds to fish in, nine-hole frisbee golf. So I think the boys are gonna be satisfied while the girls are getting made up and looking forward to the rest of their lives with their perfect person."

Bigfoot Adventures is just one more exciting way to celebrate the outdoors in Grundy County and the South Cumberland Plateau. From the world famous Fiery Gizzard Trail, to the uniqueness of the Stone Door, and the sheer brilliance of the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, you are only limited by your time and your energy.

"Monteagle Mountain is a wonderful place to visit. We have some wonderful things here as well as some deep heritage,” said Baggenstoss. “Whether it be High Point and the Al Capone house or whether it be the Highlander Folk School, I mean there is so many cool, cultural that one can do here in a weekend's time."

Business owners in the area do a good job of supporting one another. They realize that the more options for entertainment there are in the area, the more business as a whole will grow. It's good for the entire county.

Just for example, Bigfoot teamed up with The Caverns for camping access and transportation before and after concerts.

"One thing that has been so impressive to me, and made an impression on me is the collaboration that we have with the folks down at the Caverns. What a cool place! I think personally it's as cool as Red Rocks out west. I don't know another natural venue that's any better."

For more information about Bigfoot Adventures and Baggenstoss Farm , visit their website.