A Walker County man has been missing for nearly two weeks. Robert Sisson was last seen walking out of his friend's house on Highway 27 and into the woods.

Walker County Sheriff, Steve Wilson, tells Channel 3 Robert Sisson was last seen on the evening of September 30th and reported missing the next morning. The Sheriff says they have been aggressively searching for Sisson ever since.

Family and friends of Robert Sisson are growing more concerned with each day. The Walker County Sheriff's Office is doing their best to ease that worry.

Sheriff Wilson says they have been "searching the woods with tracking dogs, fire rescue personnel, looking throughout the area of about half a mile to mile of where he was last seen.”

Sisson was last seen walking out of his friend's house on Highway 27 because he thought he saw a man walking on their property. Sisson's friend joined him outside, and after not finding anyone, the friend called it quits and went back inside.

"That was the last time that we have documented anyone having eyes on Mr. Sisson and actually seeing him there,” Sheriff Wilson tells us.

Sisson has diabetes and friends are concerned his blood sugar was low at the time he left.

Melanie Baribeault, friend of Robert Sisson said he was "not right on his sugar level at that time. Thought he was seeing somebody walking down the bank so we weren't sure what was wrong."

The wooded area by the home is so thick-- the dogs weren't able to get in certain areas. Friday, October 11 they used a drone to look through those thicker areas, but still had no success.

The Sheriff says, "We have to look at the scenario did he walk off on his own? We have to eliminate that-- and we don't know that yet."

The Sheriff says there's a cause for concern after ten or eleven days. It's not normal for someone to go missing for that long.

His loved ones believe he is somewhere close by.

Baribeault says, "We know he's out in these woods somewhere. We just know it."

If you have any information that will help, please call the Walker County Sheriff's Office at 706-638-1909.