The new executive director of Friends of the Festival, Mickey McCamish, says that he's looking forward to the future success of the Riverbend Festival. He says they will be adjusting some of last year's changes to help make that happen. 

"There were a lot of changes to Riverbend this year, and some of those changes worked, and some of them didn't," said McCamish. 

McCamish says the 2020 Riverbend Festival will be May 27-30, similar to last year, but the first change they're going to make to the festival is the pricing.

"Making it more affordable and going back toward the direction like we did in years past," said McCamish. 

Riverbend is also going to look at making pricing different for children and adults, and while the RFID bracelet worked, McCamish says they're going to explore additional payment options as well. 

"Okay, are there other options for paying? We want to make it easy, so if you want to go and you got a credit card and you don't have any dollars that are loaded on your RFID band then you can use your credit card," said McCamish. 

Instead of using AC Entertainment based in Knoxville, they're using Songbirds based in Chattanooga for booking talent.

"Songbirds has a lot of experience with what exactly our community listens to and the type of music our community wants," said McCamish. 

The reason for these changes stems from a low turnout of the 2019 festival.

"What we did was we cut the festival in half and we almost doubled the pricing, that probably wasn't a good thing to do," said McCamish. 

McCamish isn't planning to release the attendance number of the 2019 festival because he says he's focused on the future success of Riverbend. 

"You know the only thing I can say is, it's a lot less then what it had been in past years and what we've got to do is we got to get that number up, that said it wasn't affordable for a lot of families to come out and enjoy the festival," said McCamish.

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