When he’s not saving lives, a Chattanooga man is serving his community through his dedication to helping children.

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Joey Thomas loves his community.

For the past eight years, he’s worked as a firefighter, but what some people may not know is that Thomas also has a law degree.

After law school, Thomas says he was drawn to EMS and fire service.

"That's what I love about the fire department. I am useful. I have a purpose. With our shift schedule, we have some time off and I wanted to contribute in a way that was more focused on those receiving the assistance rather than those giving the assistance,” said Thomas.

When he’s not working with the fire department, he’s helping kids as a social worker in six counties in Georgia.

"I do emergency foster care placements for children who enter the foster care program when they have nowhere to go. We'll do what's called home assessments with family members to make sure that they can properly house and address any needs that these children might have,” said Thomas.

In addition to his two jobs, he volunteers with CASA in Hamilton County through the juvenile court system.

"Some children aren't lucky enough to have adults who are making the right decisions for them so even if one adult can be a positive influence that might change their whole trajectory,” said Thomas.

Thomas says he’s met kids who’ve gone on to get college scholarships, all-star athletes who were never given a chance and others who are still finding their way.

"It's a good testament to what a kid can do if given just an iota of assistance,” said Thomas.

Channel 3 congratulates him for being promoted to lieutenant this week.