The 2019 Chattanooga Fire Academy celebrated graduation Thursday night. Twenty-three cadets went through six months of intense training to become the newest members of the Chattanooga Fire Department.

This class is remarkable with so many unique backgrounds. There are former professional athletes, military veterans, a pair of twin wild land firefighters, and it's the highest percentage of women to graduate from a CFD Fire Academy.

The opportunity to serve brought them all together.

Mike and Matt Miller are twins and are no strangers to fighting fires. They previously served on a wild land firefighter crew responding to wildfires all over the country. But, they say they’re ready for a change of pace.

"This job you get to work with your community so you get to see a lot of things first hand where before we were traveling to communities that we weren't necessarily a part of,” says Mike.

They are looking forward to being able to serve people in their community daily, but they know with that comes a lot of responsibility.

Matt believes, "That will probably be the hardest thing. Knowing that when you get out you will be responsible for somebody's life."

The six month training period has prepared them to do so. They have done everything from putting out a house fire to cutting up a car.

"Oh it was tough. It was very tough. Right off the bat, our EMT course was a lot of classroom time I wasn't expecting but it was good."

It has been a tough six months, but journey has been very rewarding for the cadets.

All 23 cadets took the firefighter's oath Thursday and are officially able to serve and protect the community.

Some of those firefighters will be starting as early as Friday morning.