The LaFayette Police Department is looking for the fourth and final suspect in an armed robbery that took place on October 5. The robbery took place in a gravel parking lot next to the track and field at the Old LaFayette High School. 

A couple was arguing and decided to pull into the parking lot to work things out, when they pulled in there was another car there already parked.

"There's already four males in the parking lot. Four males approach the vehicle and rob the male and female at gun point," said Chief Bengie Clift. 

LaFayette Police Chief Bengie Clift says this was a crime of opportunity.

"The fact that they pulled into the particular place they pulled into was random. So when they pull in, it's not like these guys followed them anywhere or they went to a specific spot," said Chief Clift. 

"He wouldn't give them his wallet, so they went ahead and beat him up and took his wallet," said Chief Clift. 

Since then Matthew Asbeury, Kameron Shropeshire, and Quintavious Knox have turned themselves in. Larell Hampton, the fourth and final suspect, has not. 

"The one we were concerned with the most turned himself in already of the four. The one we felt like may be in possession of the firearm," said Chief Clift. "It would have been Matthew Avery Asbeury, the first name listed. He was the one brandishing the firearm."

Chief Clift says this is a rare occurrence in LaFayette, so citizens shouldn't worry.

"The last armed robbery we had that was a legitimate armed robbery was, I think it was in 2015 but it was with a knife," said Chief Clift. "An actual armed robbery with a firearm has been about a decade."

He says he doesn't believe there is any threat to the community. Police are urging Hampton to turn himself in.

If you have any information about this case, please call the LaFayette Police Department at (706) 639-1540.