The City of Chattanooga is working to shut down Coyote Jacks as they face more violations from the city and state.

In a letter to the club owners, the City Attorney states the city of Chattanooga learned that in July, the state dissolved the company's business license, which should have nullified their beer permit two months before the deadly shooting this past weekend. 

City Attorney Noblett plans to file a "nuisance complaint" with the Hamilton County Circuit Court by the end of the week

The owners of Coyote Jacks have five days to appeal.

Noblett said in a statement late Wednesday afternoon they want to ensure that residents in the area feel safe and secure in their neighborhood.

The club was the scene of murder over the weekend.

19 year old Brandon Rogers was shot and killed Sunday morning, making it the third fatal shooting at the club in the last three years. 

City council members Anthony Byrd and Demetrus Coonrod expressed to channel 3 on Tuesday their concerns with the club and its history.

And believe the club has been harmful to the reputation of the city.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy says he's been working with the city attorney and take any action they can.

Both CPD and Noblett are working with the district attorney to shut the club down.