In large parking lots and parking structures, people are walking out to find either things they have left in their cars gone or the cars themselves stolen. In Crime Stoppers, investigators believe you can help them tie up a few cases with a tip on the identity of this trio.

It all starts with pictures from the incident in a most unlikely place: the parking garage at Erlanger Medical Center. Friday night, just after 10:30, three people are seen on surveillance video leaving in a vehicle that does not belong to them.

"Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspects got into the vehicle," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. "It could've been the door was unlocked or they had remote access."

If you know these suspects, you may recognize them, immediately.

"It appears to be one female that is the driver and two males," Sgt. Miller explained. "One is in the passenger seat and one is a rear seat passenger and the rear seat passenger is the one that gets out and forces the exit open and then gets back in the vehicle."

Take a close look at the driver.

"She's looking to the side, but look at her clothing and then also, it looks like she has a hair wrap around her head," Miller added. "That may stand out to you."

Again, this was Friday night October 4, and the vehicle looks to be a Honda CRV which is a compact crossover SUV.

"We believe that not only this vehicle was stolen by these suspects," said Miller. "We also believe that other recent auto thefts, and also thefts from motor vehicles, all are linked to these three suspects."

Crime Stoppers reward cash is waiting.

"If you've heard someone talking about stealing cars, recently, or you've seen someone driving multiple different vehicles that maybe they look similar to these photos, that may be a clue, as well," Sgt. Miller continued. "And, you know what? Even if you're the suspect, call in and tell on one of your friends that were with you. Because, guess what. We're going to find out who you are."

Keep an eye out when you are going to and from your vehicle, especially in large lots or parking structures. If you see someone suspicious walking around checking vehicles, pulling on door handles, call police, immediately.

Up to $1,000 is on the table for information in this case.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3-3-3-3

That line is manned 24/7 and no one will ever ask for your name.