Volunteers are helping transform a Dade County deputy's home after he lost his leg while responding to a high-speed chase last year.        

Major Tommy Bradford was laying down spikes when a suspect swerved and hit him.

Bradford says he is not bitter about the incident, but he thinks about it often.

“I'm still in physical therapy on my leg and my shoulder. It’s pretty much however it heals is what I'm going to get out of it, but it’s getting better,” Bradford said.

Now, Bradford is itching to get back to work.

“I'm tired of sitting around. It's just not me,” he explained.

After months of physical therapy, Bradford was sent home.

But the home he built for his family did not fit his new reality. So following orders from his caseworker, crews made some changes.

“They made a zero entry shower so my wheelchair can roll into the shower and then our closet door wasn't very wide so they had to widen it,” Bradford said.

His wife, Mary Ann, says she’s grateful for “the support and everything that's been done to help make it easier for him to be at home is beyond anything we ever expected.”

But the work didn’t stop inside the Bradford’s home. Volunteers helped build a carport and storage for Bradford’s ATV, which he uses to get back and forth to his pond. Ramps were also added to all entrances to his home. In addition, the organization "Steps2Hope" is overseeing volunteers putting up siding around the home. It was a project Bradford started, but couldn’t finish because of the accident.

“It's just fun to come along somebody that has been through what Tommy's been through,” Mark Wilson with Steps2Hope said.

Wilson met Bradford during his rehab at Siskin. Wilson gathered volunteers to help Bradford with repairs to his home, but he says because of the housing market success more volunteers are needed.
“People that I've been able to call through the years and say hey can you send me eight guys say I can't send you one guys for an hour so it's a little tougher,” Wilson explained.

Wilson hopes with more volunteers, work on Bradford’s home will be complete soon.

If you would like to volunteer, call 423-593-3561.