I guess we all have someone in our family who, when we ask 'what do you want for Christmas?' they say "I don't know,” "I don't care,” or "nothing." Challenge accepted! I went in search of the weirdest things for sale on Amazon and it surprised even me.

Did you know you can buy live insects on Amazon? About 1500 live ladybugs come packaged in a mesh bag and are guaranteed to be alive when they arrive at your home. The reviews say they're good for pest control which is why most reviewers buy them. One reviewer admitted buying them for a birthday party. Actually, there are several companies selling ladybugs in bunches.

What about emergency underpants? Code Brown Commandos Emergency pants get 5 stars. They're unisex and fits most, the ad says. It might be a joke gift. Then again, it might not.

Your next home could come from Amazon. It sells a number of tiny home kits with most everything you need starting at around $30,000.

Do you think your aunt or uncle might like a pair of hissing cockroaches? Yep, huge Madagascar roaches are for sale on Amazon that some of the reviewers say 'make great pets.’ They are guaranteed to be alive when they arrive in the mail. You get two, a male and female, for $12.50.

Wall decals are popular with sports fans, but how do you explain the artwork from a company called "Wallmonkeys?” The "Asia Old Man Wall Decal" is life-size and $80. They also sell a wall decal of an older couple sitting in a golf cart for $22.

A life-size statue of the abominable snowman is for sale for $2,300. The popular banana slicer goes for about $8. There's a creepy Crazy Cat lady action figure, complete with six cats and you might think it's odd, if not a bit dangerous but you can buy a small amount of uranium ore for around $30 on Amazon.

I also found a listing for 100 ink pens with misprinted logos and human bones! Yep, a real human fibula for $50 and you can buy a human finger for $15.

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen listed on Amazon?