UPDATE: Chattanooga's Beer Board voted unanimously Thursday to revoke a beer license for the Coyote Jacks club. The club appeared for violations that occurred the night a 19-year old was shot and killed outside.

The board heard from law enforcement as well as witnesses. But one person they didn't hear from was the club’s owner Tammie Taylor.

Taylor and her former business partner, Ronnie Berke, didn't come to the Beer Board hearing. Erin Wallin of Berke, Berke and Berke came on behalf of Taylor and Berke’s attorney. She said their lawyer, Russell King, was out of town.

But the board didn't let that stop them from moving forward with the hearing.

Law enforcement testified about the night Brandon Rogers was killed. Officer John Collins of the Chattanooga Police Department said he was already at the club to serve overcrowding violations.

"I told the bouncers at the club that they need to shut it down,” Collins said. “The bouncer went in and turned off the music and turned on the lights and people started leaving.”

For the first time, a new witness stepped forward. Linda Chann says she was at the club as a guest that night, but she used to work at Coyote Jacks as security.

"We always needed more security. So I'm very happy about what happened today and I'm hoping that she and Ronald Berke don't ever think about opening up another business again,” Chann said.

And finally, after more than an hour of testimony, the board voted, stripping Coyote Jacks of its beer license for good.

Another hearing for Coyote Jacks is set for next Tuesday in Chancery Court. That hearing is regarding a nuisance abatement.

PREVIOUS STORY: Coyote Jacks can no longer sell beer.

The city of Chattanooga notified the business that the state has dissolved its license.

The city also plans to file a nuisance abatement by the end of the week to shut down the establishment.

Additionally, the city said it has shared this update with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) to review the owner's ability to sell liquor.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Coyote Jacks is scheduled to appear before Chattanooga's Beer Board on October 17 for a possible revocation or suspension of license.

According to the agenda, the downtown Chattanooga nightclub is under violation for operating "a disorderly place and overcrowding".

Coyote Jack's is also under violation for a deadly shooting that took place on October 5.

Chattanooga police identified the victim as 19-year-old Brandon Rogers.

Officers were already on the scene before the shooting took place, shutting down the nightclub for allegedly violating capacity requirements. 

Co-owner Tammie Taylor denies the club was at capacity during the shooting and that the underage victim was inside.

The Beer Board agenda also notes previous violations for Coyote Jacks:

  1. Appeared before the board on September 7, 2019 for "Sales to Incapacitated Person", which resulted in a 3-day suspension.
  2. Appeared before the board on January 18, 2018 for "Hours Regulated" and "Denied Access to Law Enforcement or Inspectors", which resulted in a dismissal of both.