A deadly shooting at Coyote Jacks on Sunday has some Chattanooga City Council members demanding the club be shut down.

Council members tell Channel 3, the club has caused nothing but problems for the city.

"It's about the behavioral problems that are happening, constantly happening every weekend at Coyote Jacks," says Councilwoman Demetrius Coonrod.

This weekend was the final straw for Councilwoman Coonrod. 

"It's not good for our community. Families are hurting. Communities are hurting and right now, it needs to be declared a public nuisance," says Coonrod.

Councilman Anthony Byrd agrees. He says other businesses have been closed for less.

Since 2015, Chattanooga police have been called to 1400 Cowart Street 470 times. Ten people have been shot outside the building, and three have died.

Byrd says 19-year-old Brandon Rogers is the latest victim of senseless violence in Chattanooga.

"Something has to change,” Byrd says. “The reason these lives are lost is because this facility has created an atmosphere to create that type of violence and we need to make sure that we address that."

Coonrod believes it's time for the District Attorney General Neal Pinkston to take action.

"He's refused to address it. He refused to shut them down. We shouldn't have to continue to talk about it because he should have said on Monday morning that this place is declared a public nuisance. He has that authority. He needs to do his job," says Coonrod.

If Pinkston won't take action, Coonrod says she wants others to get involved and put an end to what she considers a public nuisance.

"So we need people that are going to step up to the plate forcefully, and demand that it gets done. Right? Because we are all concerned about this because this affects everyone," says Coonrod.

Channel 3 is waiting to hear back from Pinkston's office about the club and the council members' comments.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy is working with City Attorney Phil Noblett to see if they should shut down the club.

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